How to Evaluate Information Work – Part 1



In a difficult economic climate, it’s increasingly important to be able to demonstrate how effective your work is. Evaluation helps you to work out the impact of your communications. 

It can be tricky to work out the impact of information work. Who is aware of your work and how much do they know? Does this information then lead them to take up your services or donate to your cause? How do you find these things out? And at what point does the effectiveness of information work give way to the effectiveness of service delivery or fundraising?

Over the next couple of weeks I will share ideas on how to measure:

  • How people find out about your work.
  • How people use your information.
  • Whether your information is reaching the right people.

 I will be discussing evaluation that can be done by a small organisation with not a great deal of resources. You can find out more about evaluation at the Evaluation Support Scotland website.

 If there’s anything you want to know about evaluating information work, please ask in the comments section! I will pick up interesting points in the next post on evaluation in the week beginning 8 March!



2 Responses to “How to Evaluate Information Work – Part 1”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Maybe some ideas on how to evaluate if your information changed anybody’s behavior in the manner you hoped for.

  2. Juliet Says:

    HI Rabbit’s Guy, that’s an excellent one! Thanks for visiting!

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