Equality Network and IOSG join forces for a special meeting


Here at the IOSG headquarters (really just my desk at work), I’m very excited to tell you about the next IOSG meeting.  Its a special joint Equality Network & IOSG event that will include 2 speakers; a representative from SPICe (Scottish Parliament Information Centre) and Tim Hopkins from the Equality Network who will be giving a presentation on ‘how to lobby’.   At the very end, the IOSG will meet briefly to catch up on business.

Date:  Tuesday 13th April 2010
Time: 10 to 1pm
Where: Training Room at the LGBT Health and Wellbeing Centre, Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE

Let me know if you can make it no later than Monday by 12 noon so we can ensure enough biscuits and tea. (email Shayna or leave a comment)

I hope to see you on Tuesday.



One Response to “Equality Network and IOSG join forces for a special meeting”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Could someone e-mail me (vfinney@siaa.org.uk) the contact details of the person to contact re. joining the IOSG? I don’t seem to find them anywhere.

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