Can Social Media Work for Your Charity?


I’ve just started working for the Soil Association in Scotland. One of the things I noticed when researching the charity was that the Headquarters office are very active on Facebook and Twitter. These are very useful places for a charity to be if you are public facing and Twitter can also be very useful if you work with other non-profits or with corporate partners as everyone seems to be on Twitter these days!

But will it work for your organisation? You need to have something to say on a regular basis without resorting to repeating yourself endlessly. You need also to have the staff resources to keep your accounts up to date and the management support to let staff do the updating, to publicise your account and to interact with supporters and others who follow you. You can set up separate Twitter accounts or Facebook pages for different projects or for different local offices, but only if there is good reason for doing so.

We’ve set up a separate Twitter account for Soil Association in Scotland. This will offer updates on events in Scotland, publications and reports available to Scottish supporters and notes about the progress of our organic office allotment. It will also mean that we can follow some of the many organic retailers and farmers and other useful food and environment related people on Twitter. We won’t be setting up a separate Facebook page, we’ll feed our news into the main Soil Association Facebook page.

This is still in the very early days, but you can follow us at:  I’ll update here on our progress as we go along, and my next post will be some advice on using Twitter that I’ve developed from my own personal Tweeting!


3 Responses to “Can Social Media Work for Your Charity?”

  1. dbbradle Says:

    It’s great to see that there’s been some thought put behind the type of content the Twitter account will be posting. It’s so important to stay on message.

    For me, it’s all about addressing this question: what one thing do you want your audience to know?

    As soon you have more than one message, there is no message, which will ultimately turn your Twitter account into a big mess.

  2. julietwilson Says:

    Thanks dbbradle – I agree, you need to know what you’re saying on Twitter. There may be different ways of approaching the same theme but yes essentially the one message idea is essential.

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