Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Charities


As I mentioned in my last post, the Soil Association Scotland recently joined Twitter. Many charities are now on Twitter and it offers an excellent way of keeping up to date with your stakeholders and supporters.  This article is based on personal experience and does not represent anything like an official Soil Association approach to Twitter.

1. Think about it first. Browse Twitter and see how people use it, before setting up an account.

2. Once you start, tweet with confidence. You want to sound as though you have something to say that’s worth listening to.  

3. Be focussed. At the same time don’t just use Twitter purely to market, because that will bore people. Some people successfully use Twitter as a noticeboard where they only post occasional marketing notices, but by adding in other related items of interest, you make yourself more interesting and improve your Twitter experience. 

@SoilAssocScot tweet about our events and publications, other events we attend, news from the organic movement in Scotland and notes from our office allotment. 

If your charity is on both Facebook and Twitter, try not to say exactly the same on both, specially if your audience is the same in each case.

4. Follow people! They may follow you back (though following is not necessarily two way!). As a charity, most people who are seriously interested in your work will respect the fact that you don’t have time to follow them back. It’s better to have relatively few followers who are really interested and who will read and engage with you, rather than a thousand followers who never read you.

5. Make a ‘favourites list’ for the days when you’re too busy to read everyone’s tweets.

6. Retweet things! If a charity you follow has just posted some vital news you can share that with your followers by retweeting it. This shows you’re interested in engaging with the medium. It can also help to build your Twitter persona.

6. Use hash tags. Hash tags are a way that Twitter uses to group tweets on the same topic. @SoilAssocScot’s favourite hash tags include: #food and #organics. If you add a hash tag to your tweet then other people interested in that topic will pick up your tweets and may start following you or re-tweeting you as a result.

7. Talk to other people on Twitter by including their names in Tweets. This makes you seem more approachable and can win you followers and make you more influential. Twitter also offers a private message service for when you want an ongoing conversation with someone.

Follow Soil Association Scotland on Twitter:

What is your advice about how to use Twitter to market your charity?


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