Who to Work with in the Media


When Professor Brian Cox (of Wonders of the Solar System fame) decided to write for the Sun newspaper, there may have been a few raised eyebrows. But it made perfect sense to me!

Why? Because the Sun is read by more people than any other newspaper in the UK. So if you have a message to spread, that’s the way to reach most people.

Of course, it may not suit your charity to use the Sun. You may have a naturally limited target audience and would be better targetting specialised publications or local media. You may feel that the Daily Mail, with its specifically women and families focus, would suit your message better. Most importantly, you may feel that working with the Sun, would compromise your charity and your aims.

But, the chances are that you are aiming to reach as many people as possible. And to do that, you need to develop media contacts in a variety of publications. Many charities may find that a lot of their natural supporters read the Guardian and Independent and so would write for these publications or have them at the top of their media contacts list. It would be foolish not to! At the same time it would be foolish to ignore potential new supporters who may be reading other publications, even if you would never normally pick up that publication yourself. 

The point is, you need to reach not only your natural supporters, but also your future supporters. How else can you make sure your message reaches a wider audience? And do think about working with the tabloid media, because they may offer you the best way of reaching a lot of new supporters. And if you decide not to work with the tabloid media, do you have alternative ways to reach a mass audience?

What have your experiences been of working with the tabloid media? If this is something you would never do, let us know your thoughts! And also let us know if you’ve found alternative ways to reach a mass audience!


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