can information be art?


Hello My name is Jennifer and I’m a information design geek.  Its been 2 hours since my last mind map.

I’ve always been a fan of mind maps, flow charts and basically anything that doesn’t involve lots of writing (it might be natural laziness or a ingrained desire to avoid writing leftover from my dyslexic school days). However I normally reserve these ways of working for my own notes or internal documents but I’m starting to change my mind about this.

On Tuesday I was minding my own business catching up with my emails when at the bottom of an e-newsletter form the Social Enterprise Academy was a link to the following website: – Thank you Social enterprise acdemy you have open up a whole world of ways to present infomation in a intertesting and not literary way.

The types of graphic David McCandless produces may be familiar to Guardian readers as he sometimes writes for them. but his website presents so many different ideas and methods of presenting information and facts that it is well worth a look – although be warned you might lose several hours exploring his images.

Not many charities will be able to afford to bring in a graphic designer with his skill but the use of graphics, charts and basically anything creative in presenting information in written documents is something ESS has always encourages organisation to do since we started 4 years ago. Not only can it a bit of creativity make evaluation reports and data in particular look more interesting but also it could also convey much more to the reader that pages of narrative ever could.

It might be too late for me to save ESS’s own annual review this year – maybe it is not to late for your next report?


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One Response to “can information be art?”

  1. Juliet Wilson Says:

    That looks like a brilliant website, Jennifer, thanks for the link! Excellent blog post too!

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