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Behind the Scenes at Organic Fortnight

September 2, 2010

I thought it might be interesting to share some of the work that has gone into Soil Association Scotland’s latest campaign, just before we launch it!  

Organic Fortnight (3-17 September) is the annual campaign and celebration for organic food, lead by the Soil Association. This year Soil Association Scotland decided to do our own campaign!

The theme of Organic Fortnight this year is Choosing Organic Every Day. So we wanted to offer information on how organics can really be an everyday choice. The Organic Trade Board supplied us with some analysis that shows that if you shop around you can buy organic products that are cheaper than the non-organic alternatives.

We’re also celebrating all things organic in Scotland. We wanted to highlight the unusual organics – from an organic childcare service  to an organic farm that is also an art centre to an  organic horticultural training for people with learning difficulties.  We’re also sharing the variety of organic products and experiences that are out there – including  wool, sheepskin, organic baking classes and Scottish wildlife tours with fully organic catering.

We wanted to get wide coverage for the campaign so that we could reach as many people as possible.

We contacted organic producers and retailers, food groups and environment groups to ask them to promote Organic Fortnight in exchange for us promoting their events. This has been very successful, with a number of organisations promoting Organic Fortnight on their website  including Forth Valley Food Links and Portobello Transition Town.

We press released local newspapers and food related magazines and have secured coverage via Forth Action and it looks like we’ll get some articles too.

Online, we’ve added all the organic fortnight related events we know of in Scotland to the Scottish Noticeboard on our website. We are also hijacking our allotment mini-blog to talk about Organic Fortnight.

We contacted a number of bloggers who have agreed to blog about organic issues throughout the fortnight. Some of these bloggers are quite well known in the blogging world and will be able to reach new audiences. We will be sharing links to their blog posts via Twitter and our blog.

We are also promoting Organic Fortnight on Twitter . We’re highlighting organic products, community groups, activities and events across Scotland. There has been a very good response so far with a lot of people retweeting our messages and agreeing via Twitter to blog for us. We even secured a partnership with another campaign via Twitter!

The partnership in question is with Zero Waste Week which runs from 6-12 September. Their theme this year is Cooking for Victory and focusses on waste associated with food and drink. This makes a lot of natural tie ins with Organic Fortnight and we (and some of our participating bloggers) will be writing on topics that span the two campaigns.

We hope at the end of the campaign that more people will be aware that organic can be an everyday choice while also being more aware of some of the unusual organic products out there. In information terms I think the main lesson is that a campaign aimed at the general public needs to identify as many different communication channels as possible and to work with other people.


CILIPS Conference 2010

May 26, 2010

Calling all Information Workers in Scotland!  Just a reminder (or an introduction if you weren’t aware) of the upcoming CILIPS (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland) conference.

It will be held in Glasgow at the Mitchell Library  from 7th to the 9th June.  There’s also Branch and Group day which runs concurrently on 9th June.

So you’re wondering what it is… well it’s a gathering of other people within the Information community.  There are 4 strands to the Conference / Branch and Group day: Learning for Life, Digital Futures, Curriculum for Excellence and Yes! We Can!

You can attend the sessions you’re interested in or just network with other attendees.  There’s also a marketplace where you can purchase library related items or even speak to someone from the Copyright Licensing Agency.

It may not seem like the conference fits with the voluntary sector roles we all hold but actually, there’s lots of speakers and topics that can have a direct bearing on the work we do!

I’d say if you’ve never been before, Branch and Group day is great experience! It’s good value for money (£45+VAT for CILIPS members or £52+VAT for non-member AND it includes lunch!) and it’s an opportunity to meet people with a similar interest.  Not to mention the fact that if we all attend, we’ll raise the profile of the voluntary sector within the Information sector.

I’m hoping to attend the Branch and Group Day so maybe I’ll see you there.

For more details about the conference visit the CILIPS website: CILIPS

FYI – Registration closes on 2nd June!

Equality Network and IOSG join forces for a special meeting

April 8, 2010

Here at the IOSG headquarters (really just my desk at work), I’m very excited to tell you about the next IOSG meeting.  Its a special joint Equality Network & IOSG event that will include 2 speakers; a representative from SPICe (Scottish Parliament Information Centre) and Tim Hopkins from the Equality Network who will be giving a presentation on ‘how to lobby’.   At the very end, the IOSG will meet briefly to catch up on business.

Date:  Tuesday 13th April 2010
Time: 10 to 1pm
Where: Training Room at the LGBT Health and Wellbeing Centre, Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE

Let me know if you can make it no later than Monday by 12 noon so we can ensure enough biscuits and tea. (email Shayna or leave a comment)

I hope to see you on Tuesday.

What’s happening today – a calendar of events

February 16, 2010

Every January I crack open my new diary and if I’m lucky, each day has a news tidbit or a list of important dates, events and awareness weeks / months.

These awareness months, days or weeks are generally just something I look at in passing and giggle at some of the strange things we want to be aware of or highlight – national cherry week, national bed month, national doodle day, Roald Dahl day,  World toilet day… 

But sometimes, these national awareness days are no laughing matter and are actually vital to keeping the message of our organisations in the public domain. 

So for all of you who need a calendar of official health events in 2010, try the above link to the NHS Scotland website. (A big thanks to Amy – IOSG member- who found this and passed to it on).

Happy awareness-ing.