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What’s happening today – a calendar of events

February 16, 2010

Every January I crack open my new diary and if I’m lucky, each day has a news tidbit or a list of important dates, events and awareness weeks / months.

These awareness months, days or weeks are generally just something I look at in passing and giggle at some of the strange things we want to be aware of or highlight – national cherry week, national bed month, national doodle day, Roald Dahl day,  World toilet day… 

But sometimes, these national awareness days are no laughing matter and are actually vital to keeping the message of our organisations in the public domain. 

So for all of you who need a calendar of official health events in 2010, try the above link to the NHS Scotland website. (A big thanks to Amy – IOSG member- who found this and passed to it on).

Happy awareness-ing.